Anupama: New Promo! Anuj leaves Anupamaa and Kapadia House!

Anupama: New Promo! Anuj leaves Anupamaa and Kapadia House!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Anuj, and Anupama will have a heated argument where Anuj will tell Anupama that he wants to leave her and the Kapadia House.

The current track of the Anupama serial revolves around Maya taking Choti Anu with herself, causing Anuj and Anupama severe pain.

According to the latest spoiler of Anupama, Anuj crumbles and loses his mental peace as he remembers Choti Anu.

When Anupama tries to console Anuj, he lashes out at her terribly.

As per the upcoming promo of the show, Anu yells at Anupama that he feels suffocated living with her.

Anuj will further state that he is left all alone while Anupama still has her 3 other adult kids. 

What will happen now? Is Anuj and Anupama's marriage breaking apart, making Anuj leave the house in frustration?

Let us watch the future episodes of the Anupama serial to see what new twists and turns take place and whether Choti returns or not to MaAn.

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