Anupama: New Twist! Kavya answers back to Leela!

Anupama: New Twist! Kavya answers back to Leela!

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In the upcoming Anupama serial episodes, Leela will be waiting for Kavya to arrive back home and give her an ear for arriving late.

So far in the story of Anupama, Kavya has filed for divorce from Vanraj but is still living at the Shah house till the processing.

In the upcoming story of Anupama, Leela will be scolding Kavya for roaming with her ex-husband Anirudh while Kavya claps back saying she is not Anupama who will bear with her tantrums.

As per the latest spoiler of the serial, Kavya will be starting a new venture with the help of Anirudh and Vanraj will feel like a loser in front of her.

Unable to see her son's suffering, Leela will again blast Kavya but will get a savage reply from Kavya and be cooled down by unbudged attitude of her when she replies that she is not as great as Anupama who used to forgive everything.

Let us watch the future episodes of Anupama on how Kavya will indirectly teach a lesson to Leela.

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