Anupama: Shruti Behaves Sourly towards Anupama

Anupama: Shruti Behaves Sourly towards Anupama

Further, in the story of Anupama, Shruti behaves sourly with Anupama as a result of her jealousy.

Shruti gives the responsibility of catering at her wedding function to Spice and Chutney at the last moment making it difficult for them to work.

She finalizes the menu but just before the day of the ceremony, makes changes in the menu, burdening Anupama with a lot of work since all the preparations are already done.

She justifies herself saying she will pay them more while Aadya supports her despite Anuj’s disapproval.

Anupama somehow manages it all.

Will Anupama keep bearing this behavior or will take a stand against it?

It is time to see Anupama stand up against Shruti.

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