Anupama Spoiler: Baa to slap Vanraj

Anupama Spoiler: Baa to slap Vanraj

Anupama future news:

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama serial, Baa will give a tight slap to Vanraj upon learning the truth.

So far in Anupama serial, Vanraj is furious with Anupama and decides to leave with Kavya for a romantic getaway.

However, Rakhi Dave is also present at the same resort and calls Anupama and other family members to expose Vanraj.

Now as per the future spoiler of Anupama, Vanraj will go down on one knee to propose to Kavya and will also give her a ring.

The scene will be witnessed by Baa, Bapuji, and others. Baa will get furious and will give a tight slap to Vanraj.

She will also feel ashamed to have him as her son according to the gossip twists of Anupama serial.

Let’s see if Baa is ever going to forgive Vanraj in the future story of Anupama serial.

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