Anupama: Spoilers! Leela BANS Dimple from coming NEAR Kavya

Anupama: Spoilers! Leela BANS Dimple from coming NEAR Kavya

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In the upcoming story of Anupamaa, Leela will ban Dimple from coming near Kavya during her pregnancy.

The current story of Anupama revolves around Kavya being taken to the hospital after she slips over water and falls down.

Vanraj is morally confused and Anupama asks him to be honest with his feelings while Anuj also discovers the truth regarding Kavya and Vanraj.

As per the latest spoiler of Anupama, Leela will ask Dimple to stay away from Kavya as she is the reason Kavya got hurt.

Everyone tries to explain to Leela that it was not Dimple's fault but Leela is adamant in her decision and warns Dimple as a dangerous sign.

Leela says that she already knows that Dimple is not a good sign for her family and her fear has turned out to be right with Dimple hurting Kavya.

Dimple says that Leela is wrong and she did not do anything intentionally.

Let us see how this hateful relationship between Leela and Dimple gets better in the upcoming episodes of Anupama.

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