Anupama: The wait is over! Anupama Proposes To Anuj

Anupama: The wait is over! Anupama Proposes To Anuj

Anupama weds Anuj Latest Spoiler, Gossips, Anupamaa Upcoming Story, New Twists:

Finally, the moment is here for which MaAn fans have been waiting eagerly since time immemorial, Anupama and Anuj are getting married!

With the official announcement by Anupama about their marriage in the latest episode, MaAn fans are on top of the world as the best couple is about to tie knots with each other.

There was tension going on between Anupama and her family regarding her and Anuj’s marriage, but Anupama ditched those orthodox thoughts and decided to listen to her heart.

Amid the dance competition, at the end of her performance, Anupama announced that she and Anuj will get married very soon.

Anuj, who has always dreamed of marrying Anupama, cannot contain his happiness after the announcement by Anupama.

Further, giving the fans a romantic ride, Anupama proposes Anuj for marriage while kneeling down backstage which will definitely make our hearts go OoooLalalala!

The promise that Anupama made to Anuj about growing old together is finally taking its color with the hearty confession of marriage.

We cannot wait to see MaAn (Anupama and Anuj) tying knots at their wedding soon, in the upcoming story of Anupama.

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