Anupama: Titu tries to impress Vanraj

Anupama: Titu tries to impress Vanraj

Recently in Anupama, the audience will see Titu promising Vanraj that he will prove to be a good son-in-law despite that he hates him.

Vanraj gets protective of Ansh and makes him think badly of Titu which Toti doesn't like.

He enters the Shah Mansion dancing and celebrating while others join but Ansh remains silent.

Vanraj refuses to hand Ansh to Titu, saying he has right over him and is his grandpa which makes Titu promise him that Vanraj will like him very soon as he liked Samar.

What will happen next? What efforts will Titu make to get Vanraj to like him?

Let's continue to see what will ensue between Titu and Vanraj for Dimpy's sake.

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