Anupama: Upcoming Story! A Cold War Between Vanraj & Ankush!

Anupama: Upcoming Story! A Cold War Between Vanraj & Ankush!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Vanraj will be blaming Barkha for Kinjal’s miscarriage, initiating a cold war between Ankush and himself.

The current story of Anupama revolves around Vanraj feeling responsible to take care of his whole family as Anupama is now married to Anuj.

He is excited to become the grandfather of Kinjal’s and Toshu’s baby.

According to the latest spoilers of Anupama, Vanraj does not hesitate to blame Barkha for pushing Kinjal even if it was an accident.

As the man of the Shah House, Vanraj raises his voice at Ankush when Ankush tries to save Barkha from Vanraj’s accusations.

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Kinjal will lose her baby after Barkha accidentally pushes Kinjal to the ground.

Let us see how Vanraj reacts after a crying Kinjal along with Anupama informs him that Kinjal lost her baby.

It will also be interesting to see the relations becoming tense at Kapadia’s House as Pakhi and Adhik are already becoming close to each other.

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