Anupama: Upcoming Story! Anupamaa Runs From her Past

Anupama: Upcoming Story! Anupamaa Runs From her Past

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Anupama will run away from Anuj as she refuses to face her past.

The current track of Anupamaa revolves around Biji and Yashdeep bringing Anupama to their house where Kinjal comes to get Anupama's help in taking care of Pari while she is sick.

Anupama decides to stay the night with Kinjal while Kinjal has made up her mind to stop Anupama from leaving.

According to the latest twists of Anupama, Anupama will come face-to-face with Anuj when she comes to attend her meeting.

Anuj saves Anupama from falling and asks her why she left him and disappeared but Anupama runs away from there and says that she is not ready to face Anuj.

Let us see how Anuj confronts Anupama with his questions in future episodes of Anupamaa.

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