Anupama: Upcoming Story! Barkha & Leela turn soothsayers for Maya!

Anupama: Upcoming Story! Barkha & Leela turn soothsayers for Maya!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Barkha, and Leela will turn soothsayers for Maya! 

The current track of the Anupama serial revolves around Maaya planning to go back to London after asking Anupama to stay for one more day at Kapadia House. 

Meanwhile, Anuj takes Choti Anu & Anupama to Mumbai to celebrate Anupama's birthday in the orphanage they adopted Choti Anu from.

As per the latest spoiler of this show, Ankush tries to distract Maaya as Barkha searches Maya's room and luggage to find something against her.

Meanwhile, Leela tells Kinjal that Maya is very shrewd as she has asked for one more day to stay at Kapadia's so she can do something that will make Anupama & Anuj distressed.

According to the latest twists in Anupamaa, Leela makes it clear that she is not as stupid as Anupama because Maya is a very clever girl who should be kicked out.

Will Barkha's attempt and Leela's warning prove to be true against Maya?

Let us watch the future episodes of Anupamaa to see how Anuj & Anupama react when they find a note left by Maya, stating she has left with Anu.

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