Anupama: Upcoming Story! Vanraj is safe, Ankush is the mastermind!

Anupama: Upcoming Story! Vanraj is safe, Ankush is the mastermind!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Vanraj and Anuj are hospitalized and Vanraj is out of danger while Anuj suffers from paralysis.

So far in the serial Anupama, Anuj and Vanraj are seen fighting for their lives while in serious condition. Both of them are upset for different reasons, which leads to a furious dispute at the cliff's edge.

In the latest episode of the serial, Anupama is heartbroken to know about Anuj’s paralyzed condition. Meanwhile, Ankush pressurizes Kavya to tell about whatever she saw where the incident took place as Kavya followed them when the incident took place.

As per the upcoming spoiler of the series, Ankush’s change of mind and heart towards Anuj is the reason for Anuj’s terrible condition. Ankush intends to seize control of the mansion to safeguard Sarah's future.

In the future episode of Anupama, the nasty politics and scheming of Ankush will be exposed. However, it's unclear who will make that disclosure. 

Let us continue to watch future episodes of Anupama to see who reveals Ankush's real intentions to Anupama.

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