Anupama: Upcoming Twist! The Great Vanraj Shah accepts defeat!

Anupama: Upcoming Twist! The Great Vanraj Shah accepts defeat!

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In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, Vanraj will accept defeat seeing the hype for Anupama and Anuj’s marriage.

So far in the story of Anupama, the wedding preparations of MaAn have started again after a sudden jerk by Hasmukh's health.

In the latest spoilers of the serial Anupama, Leela and Vanraj are pondering over their pitiful condition because of Anupama's marriage.

Vanraj wonders how Anupama is happy in every situation while Leela says that they have to attend her marriage even after they are not willing to do it.

As per the upcoming twists of the Anupama serial, Vanraj talks to Leela and says that he has never accepted defeat in his life and always fought back but this time he accepts his defeat.

Leela mocks their situation saying that life is insulting them badly by making Anupama win at every step.

Let us watch the future episodes of Anupama whether the Lion Vanraj will be back or the Lion has become old and defeated and does not have energy left to retort.

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