Baakiyalakshmi: Upcoming Story Twist! Baakiya questions Gopi

Baakiyalakshmi: Upcoming Story Twist! Baakiya questions Gopi

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In the upcoming story of Baakiyalakshmi, Bhagya raises questions against Gopi over the happenings. 

So far in the episode, Radhika learns the truth about Gopi's family and avoids Gopi after learning that he is the husband of her close friend. 

Now according to the spoilers, Gopi tries to convince Radhika and pamper Mayu but Radhika completely avoids him. 

She shares her grievances with Bhagya who supports Radhika and advises her positively. 

As per the gossip of the Baakiyalakshmi, Radhika reveals the truth about Gopi to her mother. But Radhika's mother convinces her to marry Gopi for the sake of Mayu. 

In the future episodes, Bhagya questions Gopi about the saree in the car and asks him about his late-night phone calls. 

Gopi tries to dominate Bhagya, but she bursts against him and demands a valid answer from him.

Let us see how Bhagya manages to learn the truth from Gopi in the upcoming episodes of Baakiyalakshmi.

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