Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD): Upcoming Story! Devraj plays smart!

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD): Upcoming Story! Devraj plays smart!

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In the upcoming story of Bunny Chao Home Delivery, Devraj will outsmart Manini.

So far in the story of Bani Chao Home Delivery, Banni has rejected Yuvan’s marriage proposal much to Manini’s delight and walks away from there.

After Banni leaves, Manini orders Yuvan to continue his marriage rituals with Niyati.

Now as per the spoiler of Bunny Chaw Home Delivery, Devraj plans to use Yuvan’s trauma to cancel the marriage.

To execute his plan, he hires some bands to play in Rathod's mansion.

He even orders Myra to increase the flames of the havan kund which traumatized Yuvan and he falls unconscious.

According to the BCHD twist, Devraj meets Banni in the Shiv temple and advises her to run away with Yuvan.

Banni will take up his advice and run away with Yuvan on a horse while Manini and Niyati watch them stunned.

It will be highly interesting to see how Manini will beat Devraj and stop Banni from escaping with Yuvan in future episodes of Banni Chow Home Delivery.

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