Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD):Hot News! Yuvan Sees Banni NAKED!

Banni Chow Home Delivery (BCHD):Hot News! Yuvan Sees Banni NAKED!

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In the upcoming story of Banni Chao Home Delivery, Yuvan will see Banni naked while she is taking a cold shower in the morning!

So far in the story of BCHD, Manini’s plan of instigating Yuvan against Banni is successful after burning Vashnavi’s portrait to ashes. Devraj's actions come to bite back at him as Yuvan blames all the incidents on reneging his promise to his mother of never marrying Banni.

Meanwhile, Banni is unaware of Yuvan’s dilemma while being stuck with the innocent mind of Yuvan who unintentionally humiliates her with his unique thinking and actions.

As per the latest spoiler, Yuvan goes to brush his teeth after waking up while Banni is already taking a shower in the bathroom at the same time.

In the upcoming twist, Yuvan will humiliate Banni again by exposing the incident of Banni being poppy shamed in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Rathore's family is left astounded while Banni is ashamed by Yuvan's actions.

Let us see if Banni will be able to handle one after another humiliation thrown at her because of Yuvan or if Yuvan will understand the concept of husband-wife in the future episode of BCHD. 

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