Barsatein: Latest Spoiler! Reyansh BREAKS UP With Aradhana

Barsatein: Latest Spoiler! Reyansh BREAKS UP With Aradhana

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In the upcoming episodes of Barsaatein, Reyansh will break up with Aradhana thus, breaking her heart.

The current story of Barsatein revolves around Aradhana discovering Kimaya's pregnancy and stopping her from getting an abortion while Malini lashes out at Aradhana for interfering in her daughter's life.

Further, Reyansh confronts Aradhana about the same when she asks him to keep it a secret as Kimaya will not like it leading Aradhana to realise that Reyansh has improved a lot.

According to the latest spoiler of the Barsaatein serial, Malini spots Aradhana talking to Kimaya at the party which leads her to ask Kimaya to stay away from Aradhana.

Just then, Reyansh appears there and attempts to comfort Kimaya and Malini by confronting them about Kimaya's pregnancy, making it sound like a casual thing.

Meanwhile, Malini complains that no one will hold Kimaya's hand for the rest of her life leading Reyansh to make a commitment that he will hold her hand for the rest of their lives while Aradhana stands in shock.

Let us watch the future episodes of Barsaatein to find out if Reyansh marries Kimaya for real and breaks Aradhana's heart into a million pieces.

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