Barsatein: Latest Spoilers! Harsh SLAPS & disowns Aradhana!

Barsatein: Latest Spoilers! Harsh SLAPS & disowns Aradhana!

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In the upcoming story of Barsaatein, Harsh will Disown Aradhana.

The current track of Barsaatein revolves around Aradhana getting intimate with Reyansh after he confesses his love to her which gets recorded on the office camera.

Later, Reyansh finds out about Aradhana's lies and her meeting with Mayank in a hotel room. 

According to the latest twists of Barsaatein, Reyansh will express his anger by showing their videotape in front of the whole office and accusing Aradhana of sexually harassing him. 

Meanwhile, Harsh finds out about Aradhana's venture with intimacy with Reyansh and questions her. 

As Aradhana accepts the accusations, Harsh slaps her and tells her that she has proved that she is not his daughter. 

Aradhana is shocked to hear that she is an illegitimate child and leaves the house. 

Let us see in the future episodes of Barsatein to find out how Aradhana's one lie turns her life upside down and leave her scared and alone. 

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