Barsatein: Upcoming Spoilers! Aradhana Drives Reyansh to Death

Barsatein: Upcoming Spoilers! Aradhana Drives Reyansh to Death

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In the upcoming episodes of Barsaatein, Aradhana will drive Reyansh to death.

The current story of Barsatein revolves around Aradhana deciding to leave her life in Dehradun and start fresh in Delhi with Harsh and Bhakti.

On the other hand, Reyansh is busy distributing the wedding invitation card for his and Aradhana's wedding, unbeknownst to Aradhana.

According to the latest spoiler of the Barsaatein serial, Aradhana confronts Reyansh about the same and refuses to marry him ever as she still hates him.

Further, Reyansh will feel heartbroken and will decide to end their lives together since they can't marry each other in this life.

Suddenly, they meet with an accident with a truck, leaving Reyansh and Aradhana injured.

Will Reyansh stand by his words of ending their lives together?

Let us watch the future episodes of Barsatein to find out if Reyansh and Aradhana will be able to make it or if is it the end of Aransh's era.

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