Barsatein: Upcoming Story! Reyansh's Car Gets HIJACKED

Barsatein: Upcoming Story! Reyansh's Car Gets HIJACKED

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In the upcoming story of Barsaatein, Reyansh's car will get hijacked.

The current story of Barsatein revolves around Aradhana unraveling the chaotic revelations within the Khanna family, including Reyansh's unexpected engagement to Kimaya.

Amidst the pouring rain at night, Aradhana and Reyansh courageously confess their heartfelt emotions, leading to a captivating and passionate kiss. 

According to the latest spoiler of Barsaatein, Reyansh is about to leave his house for his engagement ceremony at the Khanna mansion when he discovers that his car has been hijacked.

With a mix of anticipation and excitement, he opens the car door, only to find someone sitting in the passenger seat. 

Meanwhile, Aradhana is caught in a predicament, torn between believing Reyansh's emotions for her and the fear of experiencing heartbreak once more.

Let us watch the future episodes of Barsaatein to find out if Reyansh manages to make it to the venue on time for his engagement ceremony and uncover the hijacker's motives.

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