Barsatein: Upcoming Twist! Neeta Helps Reyansh Claim Aradhna

Barsatein: Upcoming Twist! Neeta Helps Reyansh Claim Aradhna

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In the upcoming story of Barsaatein, Neeta is going to resort to Reyansh for splitting Jay and Aradhana.

The current story of Barsatein revolves around Neeta, Kriti and Reyansh being adamant to break Jay and Aradhana's marriage at any cost.

As Jay and Aradhana's wedding date is nearing, Reyansh is also losing his senses and is acting very impulsive and destructively.

According to the latest spoilers of this serial, judging by the aligning motives of Reyansh and Neeta to split Aradhana and Jay, Neeta is going to approach Reyansh.

She will help him in distancing Aradhana from Jay and pave the way for his and Aradhana's marriage instead.

Also, Kriti being in their corner as well, they're going to plan something massive and are going to manipulate every possible way of splitting Jay and Aradhana.

What will happen now? Will Neeta really betray her own son to satisfy her ego?

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Barsatein to see how Reyansh, Aradhna and Jay's course of fate unfolds and how it affects their relationship with each other.

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