Bawara Dil Promo: Shiva to save Siddhi

Bawara Dil Promo: Shiva to save Siddhi

Bawara Dil Latest Promo:

Colors TV has recently released the new promo for the upcoming serial, Bawara Dil, and has revealed their first encounter with each other.

Based on the recent promo of Bawara Dil, Siddhi and Shiva will save her without her knowing.

Siddhi and Shiva will formally have different personalities and will hate each other but will eventually fall in love with each other.

The upcoming Bawara Dil Promo shows everyone celebrating the festival while Siddi is doing the round of the holy fire.

A burning wood log will be out of balance and Shiva will notice it and will drag Siddhi away to save her and splashing her holy water on the ground.

She will get angry and will be about to slap him when he will stop her.

Bawara Dil promo also showcases Kinjal Dhamecha as Siddhi and Aditya Redij as Shiva will also conforming that the serial is going to premiere on 22 February at 10:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

Let's see if the adventurous love story of Shiva and Siddhi attracts the viewers or not in the upcoming Bawara Dil Serial episodes.

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