Bawara Dil Review: Siddhi-Shiva’s hate story turning to love

Bawara Dil Review: Siddhi-Shiva’s hate story turning to love

Bawara Dil serial story explained:

Bawara Dil is the latest serial on Colors TV that brings a common story of hate turning into love between Siddhi and Shiva.

The serial is produced by Nikhil Sheth and stars Aditya Redij and Kinjal Dhamecha as the main leads.

Bawara Dil offers the basic plotline of hate turning into love between a couple but the uniqueness of the background of the serial makes it interesting to watch.

Bawara Dil Story

Bawara Dil is the story of Siddhi and Shiva who have immense hate for each other from their very first meet.

The story starts with Siddhi’s marriage getting fixed with Gaurav, the man she loves. They are supposed to perform a ritual and take care of an oil lamp that can be touched by the bride and groom.

However, Shiva touches the lamp and saves it from falling. Siddhi and Shiva get into a fight while they continue to cross paths.

Siddhi catches Shiva misbehaving with a girl and lodges a complaint against him. Further, Shiva releases from jail and kidnaps Siddhi on her wedding day.

He releases her after a day but Siddhi’s wedding gets called off and her family is humiliated.

Further, a series of events lead to Siddhi marrying Shiva under the influence of Akka Bai. Akka Bai is the local politician and Shiva is her right hand.

Siddhi and Shiva continue to fight after marriage while they plan to seek revenge.

Bawara Dil Cast

Female Lead Actress Kinjal Dhamecha as Siddhi

Siddhi is a bold and fearless girl who likes a simple life full of rules and regulations. She is in love with Gaurav and wishes to be his wife to settle in Pune.

She hates people like Shiva who use their power over weak people and also trouble girls for fun.

She marries Shiva only to seek revenge and is passionate about her hate relationship with him.

Male Lead Actor Aditya Redij as Shiva

Aditya Redij is playing the role of Shiva and has an aggressive and arrogant personality.

He is free-spirited and doesn’t like to bow down in front of anyone. He works for the local politician Akka Bai and is a loyal employee.

He is even ready to give up his own life to prove his loyalty. He has a hate relationship with Siddhi and wishes to seek revenge.

Bawara Dil Review

Bawara Dil is a blend of old concepts with new twists. The storyline is similar to most serials but still provides freshness in its depiction.

Aditya Redij as Shiva is perfect with his amazing attitude and stunning aura. He makes the character even more powerful with his personality and smile.

Kinjal Dhamecha as Siddhi also plays her role brilliantly and makes the serial vibrant.

The visualization of the city Rudrayat is the highlight of the serial and gives a natural feeling to the audience.

The drawback of the serial is the story as it is way too common. Girl hating boy and then falling in love concept is old and used by all.

Overall Bawara Dil (बावरा दिल) serial has potential and can gather attention with its twists and turns.

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