BCHD: Spoiler! Yuvan's SWEET GESTURES as Husband Wins Banni's HEART!

BCHD: Spoiler! Yuvan's SWEET GESTURES as Husband Wins Banni's HEART!

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In the upcoming story of Banni Chao Home Delivery, Yuvan will do cute gestures of love for Banni while she falls in love with him all over again!

So far in the story of BCHD, Banni has officially become “Banni Yuvan Singh Rathore”.

Meanwhile, Manini's brother and her past are revealed which explains her hunger for revenge on Devraj and his family. 

As per the latest spoiler, the love potion simmered by Yuvan with the ingredients being his cute gestures intoxicates Banni’s heart and mind like she is blessed by goddess Aphrodite.

Banni hearts melt at Yuvan's cute gestures such as checking the kalash for snakes and sindoor water for venom traces and giving his sherwani to Banni to save her from public humiliation.

Meanwhile, every blunder in marriage rituals is converted into a magical moment by Yuvan like a rainbow after the rain. 

In the upcoming twist of the serial, Banni will face embarrassment for marrying a unique guy who only has love to give but doesn’t understand the concept of being a spouse as he sends driver Shankar into his room.

Let's see if Banni will be able to explain the concept of a spouse to Yuvan and how will Yuvan become a good husband with his innocent heart in the upcoming episode of BCHD.

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