BCHD: Upcoming Story! Banni gets PUNISHED by Yuvan!

BCHD: Upcoming Story! Banni gets PUNISHED by Yuvan!

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In the upcoming story of Banni Chao Home Delivery, Yuvan will blame Banni for disrespecting his mother and will punish her with his words by saying that he has made a mistake by marrying her.

So far in the story of BCHD, Manini’s plans are going smoothly as she is ingraining in Yuvan’s mind that he has broken his mother's promise of not marrying Banni with her twisted evil ways.

Meanwhile, Viraj, Charmie and Alpana are playing a major role in helping Manini execute her plans while unaware Banni is trying to teach Yuvan the dos and don'ts of the husband-wife relationship.

As per the latest spoiler of BCHD, Yuvan is deceived by Manini’s plans of scattering Vaishnavi’s clothes and jewellery on the floor and talking to Yuvan in his mother's voice instigating him against Banni.

In the upcoming twist of BCHD, Yuvan will accuse Banni of disrespecting his mother by not wearing her clothes and jewellery.

Let us see if Manini’s facade of playing the sweetheart mother-in-law to Banni will come to an end or if Banni will know the truth of Yuvan being manipulated by Manini’s evil schemes.

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