BCHD: Upcoming Story! Yuvan sees The UNIVERSE with Banni!

BCHD: Upcoming Story! Yuvan sees The UNIVERSE with Banni!

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In the upcoming Banni Chao Home Delivery, Yuvan will see the universe with Banni in the planetarium! 

So far in the story of BCHD, Banni and Devraj's happiness has no bounds as Yuvan’s illusion of Vaishnavi’s anger vanishes from his mind.

However, Manini’s plan of making VirMie apologise to Banni instigates a demand for a sign of forgiveness from Vaishanavi and reignites the flame of Yuvan’s suspicion of Vaishnavi’s non-existent anger.

As per the latest spoilers of BCHD, Devraj takes Yuvan and Banni to a planetarium and Yuvan thinks of the planetarium as a magical world of twinkling stars which is home to good spirits such as his and Banni’s mother.

In the upcoming twist of BCHD, Yuvan will apologise to his mother and ask for a sign of forgiveness while Devraj will play a fake voice recording of Vaishnavi forgiving Yuvan for breaking his promise.

Let us see if Yuvan will accept the sign of forgiveness or if Devraj’s bulletproof plan will be shattered by a sharp bullet called Manini.

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