BCHD: Upcoming Twist! Banni CLAIMS 50% of Rathore's PROPERTY!

BCHD: Upcoming Twist! Banni CLAIMS 50% of Rathore's PROPERTY!

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In the upcoming Banni Chao Home Delivery, Banni will claim 50% of the Rathore property as Yuvan is the sole heir to Rathore lineage!

So far in the story of BCHD, Manini’s plans are ruined by Banni’s quick thinking and Hemant’s love for Yuvan.

Meanwhile, everything becomes normal between Banni and Yuvan's relationship as his dilemma of breaking Vaishnavi’s promise is solved by Hemant.

As per the spoilers of BCHD, Banni’s desperation for revenge from the she-devil’s puppets aka Manini’s puppets (Viraj, Alpana and Charmie) leads to Banni showing her Banniness.

In the upcoming twist of BCHD, Banni will remind the Rathore family that 50% of Rathore property belongs to Yuvan and will demand the same respect as Manini for Yuvan.

Let us see if Banni’s Banniness will show her the desired result of respect she wants for Yuvan or if Banni’s plan will backfire resulting in Manini hurting Yuvan more than before in the future episodes of BCHD. 

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