Bekaboo: Upcoming Promo! Ranav and Bela have a face off!

Bekaboo: Upcoming Promo! Ranav and Bela have a face off!

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In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Ranav will have a face-off with Bela using their powers.

The current track of Bekaboo revolves around Patali and Naira trying to separate Bela from Ranav as they want Ranav to turn into a pure Rakshas who does not have any emotions.

Patali uses her powers to scare Bela and acts innocent when Bela says that it was Patali who pushed her from the stairs.

Ranav does not believe Bela’s words but still takes her to the room with an angry expression.

According to the latest twists of Bekaboo, Bela will reveal her true form to Ranav and fight with him using her powers.

Ranav will be shocked to discover that Bela is actually a Pari and engage in combat with her where he will act caring and generous toward her.

With tension and closeness between them, Ranav and Bela act like enemies who are deeply in love with each other.

Let us see if Ranav decides to leave Bela after discovering her true identity in the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo.

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