Bekaboo: Upcoming Story! Bela gets INTIMATE with Ranav!

Bekaboo: Upcoming Story! Bela gets INTIMATE with Ranav!

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In the upcoming story of Bekaboo, Bela will get intimate with Ranav after drugging him with her tears.

The current Bekaboo story revolves around Bela marrying Ranav deceptively after taking Mallika's place while Ranav refuses to accept Bela as his wife.

However, Ranav saves Bela from some goons and brings her home after she gets stabbed by the goons and ends up being injured.

According to the latest twists of Bekaboo, Bela has made the plan to get herself stabbed so that Ranav has no choice but to bring her into his house as his wife.

Bela is ready with her revenge plan as she is adamant that she will kill Ranav this time permanently by making him kill himself.

However, for that to happen, Bela needs Ranav to fall in love with her and mixes her tears in his tea to intoxicate him.

Ranav loses his senses while Bela pulls him toward her saying that she wants Ranav to fall in love with her.

Let us see how Ranav reacts after he comes to his senses in the upcoming episodes of Bekaboo.

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