Bhagya Lakshmi: Malishka Shows Affection For Paro

Bhagya Lakshmi: Malishka Shows Affection For Paro

Malishka shows affection for Paro after Rishi and Ranjit fight to save Lakshmi while Lakshmi helps Rishi unknowingly but gets hurt by Ranjit and gets unconscious in the room.

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji comes to Rishi's house and warns Neelam that Rishi's bad time has started again after which Neelam asks him for a solution but Pandit Ji says the one who saved Rishi previously can save him now too.

Paro slaps Ranjit and asks the police to make him riot in jail after which Malishka is impressed with her.

Further, Paro says Lakshmi must be in their village's hospital so they can meet her there so they'll go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Rishi's family waits for her while Karishma says Rishi won't return after which Shalu searches for Paro.

Later, when Rishi is about to enter Lakshmi's ward, Malishka gets a call and tells Rishi that there is bad news.

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