Bhagya Lakshmi: Neelam Makes Rishi & Lakshmi Married Again

Bhagya Lakshmi: Neelam Makes Rishi & Lakshmi Married Again

Neelam makes Rishi and Lakshmi married again.

Till now, Rishi and Paro has followed the leaked fuel of Ranjit's car to reach Lakshmi while Rishi's family is worried as Ayush has also gone to save Paro.

Further, Neelam calls Pandit Ji at home worrying about Rishi's horoscope while Ranjit tries to forcefully marry Lakshmi but she gains consciousness.

However, Ranjit's goons surround her while Rishi and Paro reach the location.

Lakshmi warns Ranjit to not trouble her otherwise, he'll see her goddess form.

Meanwhile, Ranjit says that Lakshmi has to marry him in the meantime, Rishi promises Paro to bring back Lakshmi while she asks him to return with Lakshmi safely.

There, Pandit Ji warns Neelam that Rishi's bad luck has started again and is more dangerous this time while Neelam asks him the solution, after which Pandit Ji says that the person who protected Rishi until now, can only protect him now too.

On the other hand, Rishi and Lakshmi face off.

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