Bhagya Lakshmi: Upcoming Twist! Shalu mocks Malishka saying

Bhagya Lakshmi: Upcoming Twist! Shalu mocks Malishka saying "Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge"!

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In the upcoming story of Bhagyalakshmi, Shalu will put Malishka in her place after mocking her.

So far in the episodes of Bhagya Lakshmi, Shalu has arrived in the Oberoi mansion to witness Rishi’s homecoming from jail.

Later, Shalu goes to the kitchen to bring Harleen a glass of water but gets scolded by Neelam.

Now as per the spoiler of Bhagyalaxmi, Malishka like always decides to tease Shalu for being in the Oberoi mansion without invitation.

However, Malishka’s plan backfires when Shalu remarks that Malishka is worse than a guest.

Shalu says that Malishka has become a permanent guest in the Oberoi House for whom everybody is waiting to leave.

According to the Bhagyalakshmi twist, Malsihka will plan to take revenge on Shalu for talking back and Soniya will help her in it.

Let’s see the future episodes of Bhagyalakshmi to learn how Malishka will teach Shalu a lesson and whether Shalu can dodge Malishka's evil plans or not.

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