Bhagyalakshmi: Upcoming Twist! Neelam Slaps Malishka

Bhagyalakshmi: Upcoming Twist! Neelam Slaps Malishka

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In the upcoming story of Bhagyalaxmi, Malishka will keep making inappropriate jokes about her and Rishi being a couple, making Neelam very angry.

The current track of Pariniti revolves around Rishi and Ayush deceiving Raja and his goons and getting them arrested.

Moreover, Malishka is scared for her life as she knows that once Lakshmi gains consciousness, she will tell everyone the truth.

As per the latest spoiler of Bhagyalaxmi, the Oberoi family is finally united, and to make the best of their situation, they decided to have Rishi and Lakshmi married again with everyone's blessings.

Malishka is not happy with this decision and tries her best to sabotage the event which infuriates Neelam.

Will Neelam slap Malishka for her cunningness?

In the future episodes of Bhagyalaxshmi, let us see how Neelam welcomes Lakshmi into the house this time while Malishka gains rejection from Neelam.

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