Bhagyalaxmi Gossip: Lakshmi saves Rishi

Bhagyalaxmi Gossip: Lakshmi saves Rishi

Bhagyalaxmi gossip:

In the upcoming Bhagyalaxmi serial episodes, Lakshmi will save Rishi by sucking the poison from Rishi's wound while Aayush will be worried for him.

Up until now in Bhagyalaxmi's story, Rishi told Malishka that he has broken his relationship with Lakshmi by breaking the chain that her family gave him.

Meanwhile, a snake came there and bit Rishi who fainted while Malishka called Lakshmi and informed her as they took Rishi to the hospital.

Now as per the upcoming twist of Bhagyalaxmi, Lakshmi will be with Rishi in the ambulance while they will get stuck in traffic while Rishi's mouth will start foaming.

Further, Aayush will go to check on them and will get shocked to see Lakshmi sucking the blood from Rishi's bite mark and fainting after turning blue, according to the spoilers of Bhagyalaxmi.

Let's see what will Rishi do next in the upcoming story of Bhagyalaxmi.

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