Brahmarakshas 2: Kalindi escapes from her kidnappers

Brahmarakshas 2: Kalindi escapes from her kidnappers

In the upcoming episodes of Brahmarakshas 2 serial, Guru Maa will rescue Kalindi (Nikki Sharma) from the place she is being held hostage and will tell her to run away.

Up until now in Brahmarakshas 2 story, Angad and Robin met Chandni and brought her home thinking that she is Kalindi.

Further, the house members got shocked to see her while Shalini, Paridhi and Prithvi planned to kill her.

Now as per the latest twists of Brahmarakshas 2, Guru Maa will manage to reach Kalindi and will free her from the ropes she is tied to.

She will further tell her to run away from there while will stay will at the place according to the spoiler alerts of Brahmarakshas 2 serial.

Let's see if Kalindi can react Angad in time in the future episodes of Brahmarakshas 2 serial.

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