Brahmarakshas 2: Kalindi to enter Mehra’s house

Brahmarakshas 2: Kalindi to enter Mehra’s house

Brahmarakshas 2 Serial Gossips:

In the future episode of Brahmarakshas 2, Kalindi (Nikki Sharma) will be seen entering Mehra’s house for the first time after losing her memory.

Up until now in Brahmarakshas 2 story, Yug lies to Kalindi about her past. Kalindi helps Angad (Pearl V Puri) but fails to recognize him in the hospital.

Chandani tries to impress Angad by giving him a sweet surprise. But, he refuses Chandani’s marriage proposal.

Later, Angad proposes to Chandani but with a different intention.

Meanwhile, Yug and Irawat try to threaten Kalindi by saying that people will recognize her as a criminal so she should always keep her face covered.

Kalindi comes to know that Priyanka is in a coma. She is relieved to know that Priyanka is getting her treatment well.

Now as per the upcoming story twists of Brahmarakshas 2, Kalindi will be entering Mehra’s house as Mehra’s request to send the nurse who saved Angad’s life to take care of Minty as she is pregnant.

Later, Angad will ask Yug to bring his fiancé to his engagement according to the gossip alert of Brahmarakshas 2.

Let’s see how will Preeta help Kritika in the latest episodes of Brahmarakshas 2 (ब्रह्माराखशस 2).

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