Brahmarakshas 2 Review: Story of Angad-Kalindi; Season 2 full of twists &turns

Brahmarakshas 2 Review: Story of Angad-Kalindi; Season 2 full of twists &turns

Brahmarakshas 2 Review:

Zee TV’s popular supernatural serial, Brahmarakshas 2 (ब्रह्माराखशस 2) is the new favourite fantasy show for the viewers.

The story of the Brahmarakshas who is desperately waiting to drink the blood of Kalindi is quite similar to the first season of Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas season 2 lead female character, Kalindi is played by Nikki Sharma while Pearl V Puri is seen as the male lead, Angad.

Brahmarakshas 2 Story:

Kalindi and Angad’s fathers were best friends and finalized their wedding in childhood. However, Prithvi is the man who kills Kalindi’s parents and raises the two sisters Kalindi and Minty.

He further declares Kalindi dead while Shakti (Angad’s father) doesn’t know about Prithvi’s game plan.

Meanwhile, the  Brahamarakshas is waiting to get a human form and is present in Pandit Jwala. Later, Vardhaan Chaudhary played by Chetan Hansraj gets the first sense of Kalindi being near him.

Angad falls for Kalindi and soon they come closer. Brahmarakshas, on the other hand, enters Robin (Angad’s brother) and Kalindi makes a sacrifice to save Robin.

After 2 years, a new story begins wherein Chandni is seen as the twin of Kalindi. She makes Brahmarakshas alive again while he kidnaps her believing she is Kalindi.

Brahmarakshas 2 Cast:

Male lead actor Pearl V Puri as Angad:

The male protagonist, Angad is played by Pearl V Puri who falls in love with Kalindi after meeting her for the very first time.

He is the son of Shakti who is a friend of Kalindi’s father, Raghav. Raghav and Shakti had fixed Kalindi and Angad’s alliance but Prithvi kills Raghav and reveals Kalindi to be dead.

Soon Angad’s wedding alliance breaks as he learns the truth about Paridhi. Further, Angad also saves Kalindi from Madan.

Angad also proposes to get married to Kalindi but in the end, doesn’t trust her when she reveals Robin is Brahmarakshas.

Female lead actress Nikki Sharma as Kalindi:

Kalindi is a hard-working and mature girl who thinks she is indebted to Prithvi for raising her and her sister.

She is unaware of the fact that Prithvi is the murderer of her parents. Further, she learns about Brahmarakshas and tries to save herself.

She kills Brahmarakshas but he is seen alive again. Soon Kalindi uses her smart brain and deduces that Robin is Brahmarakshas.

Kalindi further makes a sacrifice to save Robin and later kills Brahmarakshas. Nikki Sharma is now playing the double role of Chandni as well in the serial.

Brahmarakshas 2 Review:

Brahmarakshas 2 manages to seek viewer’s attention because of the stellar star cast and amazing screenplay.

The visual effects in themselves are the highlight of the serial. The entry sequence of Angad and the camera effects at the party are also one of the many important aspects.

The acting of the leads, Nikki Sharma and Pearl V Puri is at its best. Further, the look of Chetan Hansraj as Brahmarakshas is realistic.

The love story of Kalindi and Angad is rather interesting with twists and turns. The couple also looks extremely good together.

Despite having an appealing and unique story, it isn’t much different from the first season.

Overall, the Brahmarakshas 2 serial has gained audience attention and continues to bring dramatic twists.

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