Bwara Dil: Gaurav returns to marry Siddhi

Bwara Dil: Gaurav returns to marry Siddhi

Bawara Dil latest twists:

In the upcoming episodes of Bawara Dil serial, Gaurav (Neeraj Goswami) will return to Siddhi's (Kinjal Dhamecha) hometown to marry her against his mother's wish.

The current story of Bawara Dil story has been revolving around Akka Bai putting a proposal of Siddhi and Shiva's marriage in front of Ishwar and making the village boycott his family.

Further, her plan worked as Siddhi agreed to marry Shiva and went to Akka Bai's house to inform her of the same while Siddhi's mother is not happy with this decision.

Now as per the serial gossips of Bawara Dil, Gaurav will return to Siddhi's hometown and will tell his mother on the call that he know she is not happy with his decision but he will do a court marriage with Siddhi and will bring her home.

Further, Narpat's goons will take Gaurav to him while Narpat will lie to him that Akka Bai's people have locked Siddhi and her family in the palace according to the spoiler alerts of Bawara Dil serial.

Let's see what will Gaurav do next in the future story of (बावरा दिल) serial.

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