Chashni: CLIMAX! Chashni Ends On A Happy Note!

Chashni: CLIMAX! Chashni Ends On A Happy Note!

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In the upcoming story of Chashni, Chashni will end on a happy note.

The current track of Chashni revolves around Chandni and Raunaq devising a plan to get Sanjyot's confession and unmask her to the Sumer.

Meanwhile, Chandni regains Roshni's trust by proving to her that she can even risk her life to save Roshni.

According to the latest spoiler of Chashni, Chashni will have its happy ending by making Sanjyot pay for her Karma.

However, unaware of Chandni, Raunaq, and Roshni's collaboration, Sanjyot confesses to killing Chandni and spills out her hidden intentions of grabbing Sumer's business.

As Sumer hears it by himself, his heart clenches in pain, for blindly trusting Sanjyot.

As per the upcoming twist of the show, Sanjyot will go to jail and gets punished for her wrongdoing while Raunaq-Chandni and Sumer-Roshni will live their lives happily and peacefully.

Over all, Chashni serial has wrapped up very soon.

However, the novelty of its concept and the bond of sisters shown in the serial will be memorable for all.

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