Choti Sardarni Gossip: Meher-Sarabjit’s cute romance

Choti Sardarni Gossip: Meher-Sarabjit’s cute romance

Choti Sardarni latest twists:

In the future episodes of Choti-Sardarni serial, viewers after a long wait will finally witness the cute and romantic moments of Meher and Sarab when they will be hiding from Paddy.

Up until now in Choti Sardarani story, Rana and Ginnie eloped and later were hiding in Kulwant’s house. The situation created a lot of differences between Meher and Sarabjit.

Now based on the spoiler updates of Choti Sardarini serial, Meher will visit Paddy’s home to get clues against him and will be dressed as a waiter.

She will get in danger as Paddy’s men will get suspicious. However, Sarabjit will be there to rescue her and both will hide in a congested spot. Meher will keep her hand on Sarab’s face while he will continue to stare at her.

Both will share some cute and romantic moments while being in danger according to the gossip news of Choti Sardaarni serial.

Let’s see what happens next in the future story of Choti Sardaarni serial. 

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