Choti Sardarni Review: Meher portrays a perfect example of women power

Choti Sardarni Review: Meher portrays a perfect example of women power

Choti Sardarni Review:

Colors TV’s most popular serial, Choti Sardaarni is a story of a brave girl, Meher.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia plays the lead role of Meher and effortlessly showcases the woman’s journey to fight for her love.

Chotti Sardarni's unique story leaves behind the typical Saas-Bahu serials and displays the bravery of a woman in a new light.

Choti Sardarni Story

The story of Choti Sardarni is based in the village Attari where Meher Kaur Dhillon is the daughter of the Sarpanch, Kulwant Kaur Dhillon.

Meher is the only sister of three brothers and is loved dearly by all. However, she gets in a relationship with Manav and her mother takes a drastic step.

Kulwant Kaur aims high and wants to be the CM of Punjab. So she wishes to use prominent politicians like Sarabjit Singh Gill for her own benefit.

She kills Manav and even tries to kill the unborn child of Meher and Manav. Meher fights for her child and the intriguing twists and turns lead to the marriage of Meher with Sarabjit.

Sarabjit is a widower and has a son named Param. He doesn’t want a wife but a mother for his son.

The various situations bring Meher and Sarabjit close and they both share their feelings for each other.

Meher is forced to leave her house after her brother’s death. This brings a new twist in the story as Kulwant plans to destroy Meher and her family.

Meher returns after 5 years and is adamant to protect her family.

Choti Sardarni Cast:

Lead Actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as Meher Kaur Dhillon:

Chhoti Sardarni's female lead, Meher is a fierce girl who never steps back from fighting for the right. Nimrit Kaur Dhillon brings life in her role as Meher and does a terrific job.

Her dialogue delivery and expressions define her role as Meher. Meher is the one person to stand up against her stubborn mother and win against her.

She is bold and a new-age girl who is also now a mother of three children. In the story, she is currently fighting to keep her husband and kids safe.

Lead Actor Avinesh Rekhi as Sarabjit Singh Gill:

Choti Sardarini's male lead, Avinesh Rekhi is playing the male lead of Sarabjit Singh Gill currently, who is the husband of Meher.

Sarabjit learns about Meher’s truth and offers to send her abroad for studies. He is a supportive husband who only wants the best for his wife.

However, Meher stays and they both fall in love with each other. Apart from a responsible husband, he is a loving father and performs his duties properly.

Choti Sardarni Review:

Choti Sardarni is the story of a simple- bubbly girl turning into a fierce rebel after the death of her lover, Manav.

This unique story has never failed to gain popularity among the viewers. The flavour of Punjab with its traditional costumes and dances to Punjabi terms makes the serial all the more realistic.

The extraordinary scenes of Gurudwaras from time to time in the serial bring more culture into the story.

Coming to the acting, all the actors have done a commendable job for their respective roles. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in particular is the true star of the serial.

Then comes the mother, Kulwant Kaur played by Anita Raj. The strong persona and body language of Anita Raj as Kulwant is spot on.

Avinesh Rekhi as Sarabjit is also acting his role and brings a calm and cool effect in the otherwise loud story.

The main focus here is the story of Choti Sardarni that receives the most attention is the portrayal of females in the serial.

Even the negative role of Kulwant Kaur has a commanding personality and showcases how she has raised four children alone.

Overall the story of Choti Sardarni (छोटी सरदारनी) is a perfect example of new-age stories on Indian Television. 

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