Choti Sardarni Spoiler: Can Seher save Rajveer?

Choti Sardarni Spoiler: Can Seher save Rajveer?

Choti Sardarni Spoiler: 

In the upcoming Choti Sardaarni serial episodes, Seher will see Rajveer's life in danger and run towards him.

The current story of Choti Sardarni revolves around Seher trying her best to teach Rajveer to live without eyesight.

Seher convinces her family to support and help her in taking care of Rajveer.

Now, as per the gossips of Choti Sarrdarni, Seher will be near the house gate.

Seher will be shocked when she'll turn and see Rajveer near the boundary of the terrace.

Rajveer will be walking on the edge of the terrace without any knowledge.

Seher will climb up the stairs to reach the terrace.

Seher will be terrified to see Rajveer taking his foot off the terrace, according to the upcoming story of Choti Sardarni.

Let us see whether Seher stops him before he takes the step, in the upcoming twists of the Choti Sarrdaarni serial.

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