Choti Sardarni Story: An Extraordinary Story of Love & Motherhood

Choti Sardarni Story: An Extraordinary Story of Love & Motherhood

Choti Sardarni serial story reviews, episode updates:

Colors TV recently surprised its fans by gifting them the beautiful love story of Meher and Manav through the launch of Choti Sardarani serial.

The 1st episode of Choti Sardarrni serial gave a sneak peek into the lives of the lead characters in the serial, Manav & Meher.

The story of Choti Sardarni goes like this:

Gulwand, Meher’s mother, is a strong-willed woman who aspires to become a minister someday.

Being the mukhiya of her village, Gulwand is an opinionated and orthodox lady who likes to control her family members.

Contrary to her mother, Meher is a simple, happy-go-lucky girl who loves to shower care and happiness around her. Meher’s life resides in her beloved boyfriend, Manav.

Manav is a caring, humble, and doting boyfriend of Meher who loves her beyond words could describe. He works in a dhaba to earn his living.

Also, Manav wants to become an IAS officer so that he can seek Meher’s hand from her mother.

Based on the spoilers of Choti-Sardarni serial, Meher and Manav’s cut love story comes into light when Gulwand fixes Meher’s wedding with Sarabjeet.

Sarabjeet is a rich and influential man. He is the father of a cute son, Param. Sarab agrees to marry Meher to give a mother to Param.

The main twist in Choti Sardaarni serial will come when Meher will get pregnant with Manav’s child before marriage.

The gossip updates of Chotti Sardarni serial suggest that Gulwand will fume in anger on learning the pregnancy truth and will ruthlessly murder Manav.

Poor Meher will cry her heart out on seeing Manav wrapped in blood, lying in her lap and taking his last breath on the day of his birthday.

Post Manav’s death will start the real fight of justice of Meher for Manav and her would-be child. She will go against the stereotypes to stand strong for her child and her dignity.

Let’s see how Meher will break the taboos to save her child in the future story twist of Choti-Sardarini serial upcoming episodes.

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