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Daayan gossip & twist: Jhanvi’s pregnancy to face danger

Daayan gossip & twist: Jhanvi’s pregnancy to face danger

Daayan serial latest spoiler:

In the upcoming episodes of Daayan serial, Jhanvi’s family members will compel Jhanvi to get rid of her child by getting it aborted.

The ongoing story track of Dayan TV serial, Jhanvi learned about her pregnancy and got super excited. She shared the good news with Aakarsh who has become extra protective for Jhanvi.

Now, as per the latest gossips of Daayan serial, Satrupa will fume in anger after learning about Jhanvi’s pregnancy.

Satrupa will reach out to Jhanvi and will tell her that she is the mother of the child who is in her womb. She will add that the child will be blessed with her evil powers.

The main future story twist in Daayan serial will come when Jhanvi’s family members will overhear Satrupa’s words and will ask Jhanvi to abort the child.

Let’s wait and watch what Jhanvi will do in the forthcoming episodes of Dayan serial.





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