Daayan: Jhanvi gets an important clue (spoiler update)

Daayan: Jhanvi gets an important clue (spoiler update)

Daayan serial upcoming twist:

&TV weekend supernatural serial, Daayan, will see Jhanvi (Tina Dutta) getting substantial hints about someone being involved in black magic from her family itself.

In the current weekend, Jhanvi will try hard to uncover the person who will be involved in supernatural elements and thrilling drama.

The weekend will be full of surprises and entertainment in Daayan serial as viewers will witness that Jhanvi will find proofs that some evil person is playing black magic on her house.

Jhanvi will do everything possible to discover the identity of the hidden personality.

Will Jhanvi be able to find the culprit who is doing bad to the family while staying in the family inside her house.

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