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Daayan serial latest spoiler: Daayan to abduct Aakarsh

Daayan serial latest spoiler: Daayan to abduct Aakarsh

Daayan TV serial gossip update:

Aakarsh will get be captivated by the King of Anamlok and Daayan to use him as a ploy against Jhanvi in the future twist of Dayan serial.

Up until now in Dayan TV serial, Aakarsh attacked Satrupa and locked her inside a pyramid to send her to a different world.

Later, Aakarsh and Jhanvi ha a deadly face-off with Dayan, Asha, where they made her lose half of her powers which entered Jhanvi’s womb.

Now, as per the upcoming spoiler news of Daayan serial, Asha will catch hold of the pearl which Jhanvi has and will split it into two parts.

Asha will throw one part to Anamlok and the other to Pitashlok. Jhanvi and Aakarsh will go to Anamlok in search of the pearl.

Unfortunately, Jhanvi will manage to come out of Anamlok, but Aakarsh will be stopped by Daayan and the King of Anamlok.

Based on the future twists of Daayan serial Asha will blackmail Jhanvi to give her the other part of the pearl in return of Aakarsh’s freedom.

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