Divya Drishti future story: Shikhar to backstab Pishachini

Divya Drishti future story: Shikhar to backstab Pishachini

DivyaDrishti  latest spoiler:

Shikhar will team up with Divya and Dristhi against their battle against Pishachini in the forthcoming episodes of Divya Dhrishti serial.

Until now in Divya-Dristhi serial story, Pishachini saw Drishti’s third eye when the latter rushed to help Sunny.

Dristhi tried to expose Preeto but the family members failed to trust her.

Divya and Rakshit, however, showed trust in Dristi.

Now soon in Divya Dhrishti serial twist, Divya and Drishti will be planning to knock down Pishachini.

Shikhar will come to them and offer his help.

Shikhar will reveal to them that Pishachini is blackmailing him to use him as a ploy to achieve her evil motives.

He will lend his support to the two magical sisters by going against Pishachini.

Let’s wait and watch what will happen next in DivyaDhristi.

Let's see if Shikhar’s help is genuine or if this is his new plan in the upcoming story gossips of Divya Dhristi serial.


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