Divya Drishti latest promo review: Drishti & Divya to lose ‘Powers’

Divya Drishti latest promo review: Drishti & Divya to lose ‘Powers’

DivyaDrishti future story update:

In the forthcoming episodes of Divya Dhrishti serial, Pishachini and Lavanya’s venomous plan will snatch away Drishti and Divya’s superpowers.

The latest June 2019 promo of Divya Drashti serial opens with Pishachini and lizard Lavanya teaming up to create a poisonous ‘Datura fruit’.

The thrilling promo of Divya Dhrashti serial shows Drishti getting panicky when Rakshit begins to sulk because of the poison.

Pishachini is shown bringing havoc in the Shergill house but unfortunately, Drishti and Divya fail to stop her as they have lost their powers after coming in contact with the fruit.

We wonder how Drishti will save Rakshit from dying without her special superpowers in the future story twist of Divya Dhrashti serial.

You can enjoy the latest DivyaDhrishti promo from the link given below.

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