Divya Drishti latest spoiers: Simran to attack Divya & Drishti

Divya Drishti latest spoiers: Simran to attack Divya & Drishti

DivyaDrishti serial spoiler news:

In the upcoming story twist of Divya Drishti serial, Simran will attack Drishti and Divya in an attempt to kill them.

Currently, in Divya Drishti serial story, Drishti stabbed Divyachini to stop Pishachini’s return.

As Divya and Drishti are connected by birth, Drishti also faced death like situation.

Anjaan came and rescued Drishti and Divya. He also took away the Kaal Vijay gem which came out of their bodies.

Further, as per the upcoming spoilers of Divya Drishti serial, Anjaan will give the Kaal Vijay gem to Pishachini, making her the ultimate supreme power.

On the other hand, Simran will go out for a puja.

However, when she will return she will have a personality change.

As a future story twist, Simran will become negative and will plan to kill Drishti and Divya.

Pishachini will spell Shergill family members and they will become Drishti and Divya’s hardcore enemies in the upcoming episodes.





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