Divya Drishti latest spoiler: Drishti to choose Rakshit over Divya

Divya Drishti latest spoiler: Drishti to choose Rakshit over Divya

DivyaDrishti gossip updates:

In the forthcoming episodes of Divya Drishti serial, Dhrishti will bring the Kaal Vijay gem out by going against Divya’s will to save Chetan.

The last episode of Divya Dhrishti serial showcased the return of Rakshit’s father, Chetan, in the Shergill family. Mahima, who was under Pishachini’s spell, stabbed Chetan with the sword.

Pishachini stated to everybody that only Kaal Vijay gem can save Chetan’s life. Where Drushti was ready to get the gem, Divya was against it.

Further, based on the latest spoiler news of Divya Drashti serial, Dristhi and Divya will come face to face during the struggle to get the Kaal Vijay gem.

Divya will use her powers to stop Dristi from reaching out to the Shiva temple where Kaal Vijay gem is hidden.

The Divya-Drishti twists will showcase how Drishti will manage to find her way out to the temple.

Based on new Divya-Drishti gossips, Drishti will get the Kaal Vijay gem out to the Shergill house to bring Chetan out from the critical situation.

Will Pishachini snatch away the gem from Drishti? Will Divya and Drishti become enemies?

Let’s see what happens next in the future story Divya Dhrishti serial upcoming episodes.

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