Divya Drishti latest spoiler: Kaanch Rani to haunt Shergills

Divya Drishti latest spoiler: Kaanch Rani to haunt Shergills

Divya Drishti future twist:

The Divya-Drishti serial story will witness the nail-biting sequence of the horrifying Kaanch Raani entering the Shergill house.

Up until now in Divya Drishti serial, we enjoyed the thrilling clash of Drishti and Divya with Pishachini.

Dhrishti killed Lizard Lavanya and also got back her eyesight through the Kaal Vijay gem.

Rakshit trapped Pishachini inside a bag and organized a special puja to end her game forever.

According to the spoiler updates of Divya Drishti serial, a new powerful creature will set in the lives of Dristhi and Divya to bring havoc for the sisters.

The gossip news of Divya Drishti serial reveals that Kaanch Raani, a new entry will be introduced to Divya Drishti story plot.

Kanch Rani will be employed by Pishachini,  will be a Drishti’s look-alike and will start her own revenge drama.

The last precap of Divya Drishti serial showed Drashti killing all the Shergill family members.

There are high chances of Kaanch Rani possessing Drushti to kill Shergill family.

However, the future twist of Divya Drishti story indicates that Dristi will have no clue about herself being possessed by Kaanch Rani.

Let’s see how Drishti will face this major trouble in the future episodes of DivyaDhrishti serial upcoming story.

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